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Dyno Rental Rates

Dyno Rental Rates

Product ID : Dyno Rental
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Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, and All Wheel Drive Dyno Rental

  • Dyno Tuning Specials and Rates

    Granatelli has the most advanced chassis dyno in the Southern California area.  Granatelli features an 1800HP AWD Mustang inertia chassis dyno with full diagnostics, wideband O2 sensors, air / fuel ratio monitors and much more.

    Mustang Chassis Dyno Rental Installations and Custom Dyno Tuning
    -  Improves power & driveability on PUMP GAS!     
    -  1,800hp AWD Mustang inertia chassis dyno
    -  Wide Band O2 Sensor Tuning
    -  Air / Fuel Ratio Monitoring
    -  Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring
    -  Real Time Data Acquisition
    -  Variable Load Simulation
    -  OBD-II Diagnostics

    -  Call for info

    Dyno Rental Rates:

    -  Two wheel drive, 3 pulls = $175
    -  Four wheel drive, 3 pulls = $225

    If you have anymore questions or want to set up an appointment for an install or dyno tune, call us:

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