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3v 1500hp-Granatelli Pro-Series Extreme Series Aluminum long block w/Full...

3v 1500hp-Granatelli Pro-Series Extreme Series Aluminum long block w/Full Race port heads

Product ID : 770049
Weight : 350.00 lbs

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Call for price

Granatelli/Duttweiler Pro Series Long Block Includes:

  • Manley PRO Forged I-beam Rods with 7/16 ARP 2000 Rod bolts.

  • Manley 2618 Forged Pistons with coated skirts.

  • Race Ring, File Fit to customers Application.

  • Race Rod and main Bearing.

  • Standard ford Racing Romeo Iron Block.

  • Digitally Balanced and Professionally Assembled.

  • Either 2V 3V or 4V heads, Felpro High performance Head Gaskets, ARP head Studs.

  • Complete Timing Set.

  • Melling Billet High Flow Oil Pump.

  • ARP main Studs.

  • Your Choice of Springs Cams and Porting is optional for an additional Cost.

  • Completely Timed, Ready to add your covers and GO.


I was a local girl trying to get into racing. I looked at all the local shops in the area Ventura County and Los Angles. In the end I gave my business to Granatelli Motor Sports becuase they were willing to answer all my questions when others insinuated that I should just bring my boyfriend back. First I installed a Granatelli Turbo and made 550 rwhp but it was not fast enough to keep up with a friends Super Snake Shelby so that is when I took the big leap and purchased 770049 long block and moved up to 3.4 Whipple. Now I have 860rwhp and 833 ft/lbs. Proof hot chicks can drive fast ponys

H Palmer

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