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3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout Only

3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout Only

Product ID : 307530C
Weight : 5.00 lbs

Price: $156.00

The Granatelli Electric Cutouts  are the best in the business, offering unique features and bennifits not found in other parts like this.  The customer truely ends up with a no compromse component.   The Granatelli design is dead quiet for the street and wide-open for the strip. These electrically chip controlled exhaust valves can be bolted to most standard cutouts and can be fully opened and closed from with the cockpit with the flick of the switch: no need to hold the switch either.  The internal processor with the brain automatically open and closes the exgaust gate to insure you never over extend the vale. Granatelli electric exhaust cutouts fit any car or truck, from O-G musclecars to high-tech EFI monsters, also the way down to simple stock vehicles.

Granatelli Electric Exhaust Cutouts feature:

* Smart Chip Controlled Toggle Switch

* Stainless Steel Shaft

* CNC 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Bodies
* Stainless Steel Butterfly Plate
* 6061 Aircraft Aluminum Motor Plate
* High-torque DC Gear-Driven Motor
* High-Temperature Long lasting Steel Gears
* All connectors for superior sealing
* Socket Head Cap Screws for Proper Fastening

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