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2.5" (63mm) Turn Down with 3-Bolt Flange - Set of Two

2.5" (63mm) Turn Down with 3-Bolt Flange - Set of Two

Product ID : 307525-2
Weight : 5.00 lbs

Price: $47.00

2.5" (63mm) Turn Down with 3-Bolt Flange - SET of Two

2.5" (63mm) 45^ Turn Down with Conventional 3-Bolt Flange Connection
Converts 3-Bolt Collector to 45^ Turn Down
Ideal and Intended For The DIY Installers Or Proffessionals
System Will Allow End User To Rotate Piping 360^ For Perfect Alignment
All 304 Stainless Steel Material
Includes Stainless Steel Companion Clamp
Mounting  Hardware Included

Granatelli Motor Sports offers these 45^ Adjustable Turndowns  To Allow The User To Direct Exhaust Flow The direction They Want It.  This Simple Design Exhaust Turndown Is Ideal For Custom Installs

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