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2014-2019 C7 Corvette Rear Adjustable Toe Links

2014-2019 C7 Corvette Rear Adjustable Toe Links

Product ID : 500059
Weight : 7.00 lbs

Price: $245.00

Introducing the Granatelli Motor Sports C7 Rear Double Adjustable Toe Links for all 2014 through 2018 Chevrolet Corvettes, including Grand Sports and Z06's.  (Part # 500059) If you lower your Corvette, a four wheel alignment is a must.  Granatelli Motor Sports has designed these unique double adjustable rear toe links to ensure your rear tires are firmly planted to the pavement and don't wear your thread surfaces unevenly.  The C7 factory rear lower toe rods are not adjustable and this is a critical part of improving handling on lowered Corvettes.  Adjustable Toe Links also increase the overall vehicle stability under hard acceleration and cornering.  These are a must when adding horsepower to any C7 and even on stock vehicles.  Designed as a direct fit, all necessary hardware is included. The .875 diameter 6061-t6 billet rods are machined true and are book ended by 5/8-18 chrome-moly heim style rod ends.  Granatelli went as far as designing unique 4130 carbon steal tapered pins to mimic that of the factory to guarantee a perfect fit at both the spindle side as well as the rear chassis corners.  Double adjustability means never having to remove the factory shaft eccentrics again and makes for an infinite amount of adjustability and repeatability with ease.  This unique design addresses a much needed fix in the industry and fills this void within the segment.   Installation is simple and makes alignment a snap. Best of all, this durable design stays true and will not go out of specification.

 Features & Benefits

 • Turnbuckle style link allows for precise, fine-tuning

• Allows for installation with factory toe plates if preferred

• .875 diameter 6061-t6 billet rods

• Heavy duty 5/8”-18 Teflon-lined chrome-moly heim style rod ends

• CNC machined 4130 Carbon Steel tapered pins are black zink plated.

• Dramically increases vehicle stability at speeds

• Improves handling

• Designed to be a direct bolt in and fit

• Double adjustability means never having to remove the factory shaft eccentrics again

• All necessary hardware is included.

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