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2011-2018 Ford 3.7L V6 Pro Series Coil Packs

2011-2018 Ford 3.7L V6 Pro Series Coil Packs

Product ID : 26-0520CP
Weight : 8.00 lbs

Price: $594.00

Fits 2011 - 2018 3.7L Ford

  • Coils rated at 65K Volts (20k O.E.)
  • Made for for naturally aspirated and force inducted vehicles (eliminates spark blowout which is common with weaker coils).
  • Direct OEM replacement, won't void your factory warranty Includes Coil on plug connectors Improves mileage and throttle response
  • Adds up to 12HP (normally aspirated) & up to 25HP (s/c, turbo, & nitrous)
  • Patented wire design feature improves spark, 0 ohms of resistance, no radio interference Includes all necessary hardware
  • Installation can be done with simple hand tools.


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