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2010 - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Granatelli Extreme Performance Slotted Rotors...

2010 - 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Granatelli Extreme Performance Slotted Rotors (Set of 4 - Front & Rear)

Product ID : 500060
Weight : 75.00 lbs

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Rotors install easily with basic hand tools and offer a better cosmetic appearance. You will see a 15-percent decrease in stopping distance due to the rotors increased heat absorption and faster thermal recovery. Also these rotors help eliminate brake pedal fade after repeated hard stops. Works fine with ABS and maintains OE civility.

Benefits and Features:

Zinc Coating
 - wipes away after 10 miles leaving a beautiful looking rotor with the dimples and slots highlighted in black or silver and a shinny face surface.

Scraper Slots
 - These fully dissipate heat, increase bite and reduce stopping distance. Slots also help to de-glaze and even out brake pads while throwing dust and debris away from the wheels. It also sheds water under-wet driving conditions.

Drilled (Dimpled) Holes
 - Granatelli does not drill their rotors completely through, because cross drilling sacrifices the structural integrity of the rotor which causes warping and cracking. A major feature of their blind degassing dimpled holes is that they extend the life of the rotors and pads and they dissipate heat with maximum braking performance under all necessary driving conditions.

Balanced & Vented
 - Rotors are machine balanced, vented for cooling, X-Ray Inspected and manufactured to meet QS and ISO quality system standards.


outstanding, looks great on the 2010 camaro. its everything that is advertised.

Steve Colbert

I never knew what stop on a dime meant until I installed these rotors. Best $500 i hace spent so far. How often does a part look as good as it works - great job guys

Blake Petrelli

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