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2004-2010 Ford 4.6/5.4L 3V Hot Street Coil Packs

2004-2010 Ford 4.6/5.4L 3V Hot Street Coil Packs

Product ID : 25-3001
Weight : 3.00 lbs

Price: $353.00
  • Coils Rated at 45k Volts (20k O.E.)
  • Epoxy Filled Coil Housing
  • More Power to Spark Plugs!
  • OBD-II Safe
  • Increased Horsepower / Torque
  • Increased Fuel Economy up to 15%
  • Easy 30 minute installation with hand tools


Just wanted to update you on how pleased I am with the Granatelli Hot Street Coils on my '07 Mustang GT (Vortech V2 supercharger - non intercooled). I ended up gapping my plugs at .045. I picked up a couple mph in trap speed at the drag strip vs the stock coils and ran a best ever 11.79 @ 114 in the 1/4 mile. I went to our local dyno last weekend (where I've had all my tuning done). The only changes since my last visit were an SLP catted X-pipe and the Granatelli Hot Street Coils and I picked up 29 rwhp and 7 rwtq. I'd venture to guess that the X-pipe was less than half of that gain. Super pleased with the dyno and dragstrip results from the Granatelli coils!!! I'm trying to spread the word to anyone who'll listen. Thank you! Brian


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