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1999-2006 GM 4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1 Truck/SUV MAF Sensor (w/cold air tuning)

1999-2006 GM 4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1 Truck/SUV MAF Sensor (w/cold air tuning)

Product ID : 350115-C
Weight : 2.00 lbs

Price: $443.00
  • Fits GM Truck/SUV (Not Vans) - 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 8.1L, 4.3L Full Size
  • Calibrated for use with a cold air induction system
  • Direct OEM replacement, won't void your factory warranty
  • Improves mileage and throttle response
  • Chassis dyno proven to add 8-25 horsepower (depending on application), 60% airflow increase over stock
  • Improves performance from 2,000 rpm to red line
  • "Truly Calibrated" on our in-house MAF Dyno and Flow Bench to optimize performance for YOUR specific application
  • Compatible with most electronics and aftermarket bolt-on performance equipment
  • Installs in 10-15 minutes using basic hand tools.


When I first installed this unit, the performance was notably better, but the afr below 1500rpm was lean and produced off idle stumble, rough idle and codes. Spoke with the guys at Granatelli and they sent me the c-plus model. The performance after install was outstanding. From idle to 6000, the truck just kept pulling. I have owned this truck since new and for 60k miles have always had just a little jingle at idle at times. This is gone now, idled smooth, plenty of pulling power and one very happy customer.......thank you


Originally purchased 350115 C+ for my application. Had some issues with running too rich, but after contacting customer support they warranted the part with no questions asked. The 350115-C is the perfect combination for my 5.3 with cold air, throttle body spacer, tuner, and custom non highway use exhaust! Excellent product and great service. Thanks JR!

Brandon Swartzendruber

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