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1997-2004 LS1/LS6 & 2005-08 LS2/LS3/LS7 Corvette Intercooled Twin Turbo...

1997-2004 LS1/LS6 & 2005-08 LS2/LS3/LS7 Corvette Intercooled Twin Turbo System

Product ID : 170100
Weight : 142.00 lbs

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  • 500RWHP @ 5.5 PSI
  • Capable of 1000RWHP @ 22 PSI on professionally built engine
  • TRUE, verifiable HP using 91 octane fuel
  • MORE power, unmatched by the competition
  • ZERO turbo lag, instant tire shredding power
  • SUPERIOR fit and finish, OEM quality
  • User friendly bolt-on installation with moderate mechanical skills
  • 100% COMPLETE up to 1000RWHP, additional engine modifications recommended after 8PSI (call). Kit includes twin 76mm T3/T4 housing Turbonetics turbos, Tial waste gates, Granatelli compressor bypass valves, GMS/TT OE quality cast iron turbo manifolds, stainless steel exhaust components, high flow twin cat system, aluminized tubing from turbo to intercooler and from intercooler to throttle body, large single front mount intercooler.
  • SUPPORTS up to 1000RWHP. NOTE: this will require extensive engine, fuel system and powertrain modifications and precision tuning on a chassis dyno).


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