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  • Sliver Knight Mustang Stopped by Granatelli Motor Sports

    May 3, 2011


    Contact: J.R. Granatelli
    Granatelli Motor Sports, Inc.
    1000 Yarnell Place, Oxnard, CA 93033
    1-805-486-6644 (phone)
    1-805-486-6684 (fax)

    For Immediate Release

    Oxnard, CA - May 3, 2011 - Recently Gil Anchodo of TCH Custom Painting partnered with Rich Evans, nationally known custom painter, to create the "Silver Knight".  The Silver Knight is not just a pretty face, it is a one-of-a-kind Mustang to showcase their awesome worksmanship and it's loaded with tons of go-fast engine parts as well.  In order to harness the over 400 naturally aspirated horsepower to the tires in their S197 Mustang, they only wanted to go with the best; Granatelli Motor Sports!  When Gil Spoke with GMS owner and fellow enthusiast, J.R. Granatelli, he said he chose Granatelli Motor Sports for their long proven history and succes in Mustang racing on and off the track.

    Taking Pride in their racing history, Granatelli offers over 40 specific parts for the 2005-2010 Mustang.  From Mild to Wild no stone was left unturned when Grantelli set out to build and design exacting suspension and engine components that get the most out of any application.  Below is a list of what makes the Silver Knight that much more unique:


    Granatelli Rear Upper Control Arms 3rd Link  for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Rear Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Front & Rear Drive Shaft Safety Loop for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500

    Granatelli 3" Header Back (Off Road) Exhaust System w/X-Pipe Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500

    Granatelli Fuel Rail Adapter, For Gauge/Wet NOS, Black

    Granatelli Motor Mounts for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Panhard Rod Brace Upper (Fixed) for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Rear (Street) Panhard Rod for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Radiator Automatic & Manual Transmission

    Granatelli Rear End Girdle System, 8.8 - Requires P/N  GM-PRR0507

    Granatelli Rear Shock Tower Brace for Mustang GT/V-6

    Granatelli Sub-Frame Connectors (Bolt-In) for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Rear Sway Bar Link Assembly Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Sway Bars (w/fr. bushings & r. adj. link asm) for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/V-6

    Granatelli Twin 62MM Throttle Body Billet Aluminum for Mustang GT

    Granatelli Underdrive Pulley Set, 2-Piece for Mustang GT

    Granatelli Tire Fryer Line Lock for Mustang GT/Shelby GT 500/v6

    Once the transformation was complete, the suspension system now looks and works as good as the cars appearance.  The handling and road manners are stellar.  “It cruises like a cub but acts like a tiger when you go around corners.  I like how it does not bounce me around but still out handles the competition” said Gil Anchondo after he put 100 miles on the Granatelli components.

    For more information contact Granatelli Motor Sports or to start shopping, click HERE