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  • Update on our 2010 - 2011 Twin Turbo Kits!

    Jan 21, 2011

    Want some more info on our 2010 - 2011 Camaro Twin Turbo Kits?  Read on, to find out why the Granatelli Twin Turbo kits are the best on the market!

    Using a systems approach to design this kit, every aspect from simple install ques to fit & finish was addressed and looked at during the developing stages. Based on the highly successful launch and on going sales & support of the Stage 10 TT kits for the C5 and C6 model Corvettes, designing a kit for the new Camaro benefited from a great foundation.  

    Here’s a highlight reel of what the 2010 Camaro kit consists of-

    TURBOCHARGERS- We used the same platform turbochargers as our biggest and baddest Corvette Stage 10 kits which are supplied by Precision Turbo. They consist of a 62mm billet compressor wheels, stuffed into a B cover on the cool side and a 65mm turbine wheel in a vband inlet and 3.00” 0.82 A/R outlet turbine housing. The end user has the option of ordering the turbos with either a dual ball bearing option or our standard journal bearing configuration. The V-band to V-band turbine housing makes the installation of the ‘turbo mount pipe assembly’ (turbo, downpipe, wastegate and wastegate dump) a breeze. In fact, the assembly installs in under an hour with only 4 nuts/bolts; 2 at the exhaust manifold and 2 on the coupler mating the exhaust to the downpipe.

    WASTEGATES- Once again, we came out swinging and added twin Precision 46mm wastegates to insure full control over the turbos up to 1400 hp. Like the turbochargers, the inlet and outlet of the gates are attached with V-band connections to ease the installation and give it an aerospace quality. Each kit includes an assortment of wastegate springs from about 6psi to 15psi.

    INTERCOOLER and DUCTING- All too often manufactures either undersize the intercooler or use inefficient cores that force them to build radiator sized boxes.  Again our kit only uses the best Bell Engineering style cores that allow us to properly size the tanks to the turbos without having to cover the entire nose of the car. It uses a 3-1/2” core that’s almost 30 inches long and 9 inches tall. Each end tank is hand made from 6061 sheet metal aluminum to help reduce the total weight of the system and is standard on this kit. Each pipe is bead rolled on each end to ensure a snug fit. A 50mm TiAL Sport bypass valve is mounted on the inlet pipe to the throttle body. Fiberglass reinforced hi temp silicone couplers insure no expansion while under boost  and each kit comes silver powder coated as standard and is also offered in a wide variety of colors.

    Click here for the DynoGraph.