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  • Granatelli Motor Sports / TTi 2010-11 Camaro Twin Turbo charging Kit

    Dec 16, 2010

    Granatelli Motor Sports / TTi 2010-11 Camaro Twin Turbo charging Kit: The recognized leader in Quality, Parts and Workmanship results in the most reliable forced induction kits on the market since 1957.  Yep 53 years later and Granatelli is still the most trusted name in aftermarket and OE forced induction applications:  Roots, Hybrid Positive Displacement, Twin Screw, Centrifugal and Turbo Charging.

    Granatelli & TTi did it again when they engineered the new Generation 5 Camaro kit.  Using only the best possible parts with our proper form, fit and finish you have come to expect from Granatelli, Our highly anticipated twin turbo kits continue to meet or exceed our customers expectations.  Sadly, others continue to make claims that defy the laws of physics base on HP and Torque claims per pound of boost.  Granatelli & TTi have taken the high road to bring you REAL WORLD and most importantly, Reliable Forced Induction Kits that won’t break the bank or your motor.  At the time of this writing, there is no other kit available for your Camaro that makes the reliable, properly tuned, and non over exaggerated power our kits can on stock or modified engines; regardless of fuel type. Claims of 725 plus HP on otherwise stock engines are  none an issue it is just a crazy thing to do to an otherwise stock engine –

    Long known as the premier designers of Supercharged and Turbocharged engines, Granatelli is the only company that can boast over 30 years of design excellence.  If you want to play the combined experience game, The Granatelli/TTi team has over 200 years of engineering know-how.  Long know has the leaders on LS series engines forced induction, we have over 100 dyno proven combination power the most powerful GM LS series engine world wide.  Our Turbo kits and Supercharger kits for Camaros, Firebirds and Corvette date back to 1982 and with over 300 land speed records no other company comes close.  But rather than only harp on the past, we are still the most current as well. 

    A detailed break-down of the Twin-Turbo kit and its components are as follows:

    • 2 x PTE6265 Turbochargers with 4” Inlet Compressor ducting – Each capable of 65 lbs/hr

    • Turbos are V band mounted on inlet and outlet to insure easy rotation, solid mounting and best of all there are no nuts and bolts entering or exit turbo body

    • 2 x PTE 46mm Waste Gates Insure Maximum Control Over the Monster Turbos. Waste Gates Include Adjustable Springs to go from 4.5psi to 15psi (We factory set them at 7lbs)

    • All stainless steal and Heat temperature coated exhaust system components ensure a lifetime of reliability

    • 1 x 50mm Tial Blow Off Valve

    • 3 x Largest Front Mount Intercooler are Hi flow Bell cores with 3.5” inlets from turbos and a single 4” discharge pipe feeds direct to the throttle body. Intercooler Tanks are Black Powder Coated to Extract Heat Yet Fins Remain Untouched

    • Fiberglass Reinforced Silicone hose couplers ensure durability for year to come – no expense was spared

    • 8 x 62lb Injectors

    • 1 x MSD Fuel Pump Controller

    • All the necessary Vacuum ports required to assist in installing the boost controller 

    • 1 x Oil Scavenge Pump & Brkt 

    • Thermal Heat shielding for all effected lines

    • GMS Oil Feed & Return Line Kit are all precision clamped and crimped to ensure leak free connections 

    • GMS/TTi 3.5” 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Tubing for lighter weight and better heat dispersion

    • GMS/TTi 4” 6061  Aluminum Charge-pipe

    • GMs/TTi 4” Aluminum Intake Tubing w/K&N Filters and K&N “Hydro Shields” for extended dust/dirt/water protection 

    • GMS/TTi Aluminum Lower frame cover to ensure debris free road travel

    • The only TT kit that does not hang below the frame rail, ensure plenty of ground clearance

    • AEM Windshield Washer Bottle & Accessories

    • Polished Oil Cap w/oil return

    • Pre-gapped NGK TR6 Spark Plugs 

    Retains Factory Engine Cover 

    Complete kit options also include everything you need in terms of fueling and a programmer pre-loaded with a tune. 

    We offer many options from short blocks and long blocks to various turbo size upgrades and color choices. Factory Silver Powder Coated Tubing – Special Colors Available on Request

    Kits start at $9150.00